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"When I hired John Raatz, I thought I was getting just a publicist, but I got much more. He's been a friend, confidante, and advisor. He really believed in my work and he actually went beyond our original agreement and continued publicizing my book long after the agreed upon termination date.

He's a skilled networker, and my book received much greater exposure because of his hard work. My book was published by one of the top three publishing houses in the world, and yet the publicity that John Raatz generated far out stripped anything that their publicity department had done. John Raatz got my book radio and magazine exposure, and he's everything a public relations professional should be."

William J. Elliott, Author
Tying Rocks To Clouds

"As a first time author, I found myself bewildered by the amount of hype, schmooze, and inconsistencies that seemed to surround me when my book, God Made Easy, first came out. That was until I found John Raatz. He has been my anchor and a calm guiding force in the volatile ocean of the publishing world I found myself swimming in. John has that rarest of combinations - true integrity with a capital 'I', and the knowledge, contacts and passionate commitment to his clients to help them reach their highest goals. I am proud to have him involved in representing my book and am honored to call him a friend."

Patrice Karst, Author
God Made Easy

"When the White House called with an invitation to the Children's Television Summit we had only two days to organize the trip and let our publics know. John Raatz of The Visioneering Group came to the rescue with a comprehensive strategy and effective implementation that was affordable. A year later, we're still reaping the benefits of his expertise and hard work."

Elizabeth Thoman, Executive Director
Center For Media Literacy

"In my fifteen years in representing clients in the mergers and acquisitions field I have worked with a number of public relations and marketing executives. It is a pleasure to finally work with one whose creativity and intelligence make a real difference in a company's efforts.

John Raatz' unique perspective and experience make working with him an exciting adventure. He lends a great deal of value to each conversation. his strategic planning skills are well developed. His integrity, which is in short supply in the marketplace, is natural to his character and like his word does not vacillate. I encourage clients who want a fresh and inspiring approach to put their trust in him."

Bobbie McMorrow, President
McMorrow Associates Inc.

"Before I had officially begun working with John Raatz of The Visioneering Group, I found out much to my surprise and delight, how enthusiastic and committed John is. This stemmed from the fact that one of my clients was about to begin an important U.S. tour, when an unexpected immigration problem occurred that could only be resolved with the help of an U.S. Congressperson. It appeared that the tour would have to be canceled when John brought in assistance from an associate he had in Congress. To say the least, it was a truly impressive way to begin my business relationship with John.

The client that I was referring to above was Donovan. John was instrumental in helping reintroduce both Donovan and his music to the U.S. This was a project that required both equal parts hard work and passion from everyone involved. John led the charge in both areas. Donovan is presently completing his first sell out tour of the U.S. in many years, and a large part of that is due to John's hard work.

Finally, and most importantly, is the vision and integrity that John brings to his job. He truly gets involved at the beginning of a project and brings a wealth of ideas and suggestions n how to launch a campaign. Equally as importantly, this is done with a true sensitivity to the artists needs and the artist’s integrity. On a personal level, John has inspired me on how to more effectively integrate my business and spiritual beliefs. The times that we live in demand that all of us do the very best we can on a daily basis. John Raatz is someone who does just that. It is a pleasure to work with him."

Bennett Freed, Owner/Manager
One Love Management

"John Raatz very skillfully arranged numerous interviews and publications in various media for me during the promotion of my book The Web of Life. He did so with great enthusiasm and a keen sense of the interdependence of ideas and channels of communication."

Fritjof Capra
Author, The Tao if Physics, The Web of Life

"Over the past several years, I have trusted in the direction, guidance and advice of John Raatz and Visioneering. Throughout the duration of our association, I have come to rely upon my connection with John as life-sustaining for my business and for me personally."

Steve Buckley
President, Youth Entertainment Services

"As DeVorss & Company evolves over the years, we continually recognize the need to organize the manner in which we present our message and titles to the world. John's guidance and consultation has not only given us an insight into publicizing our books to the media and our market, but in the process, helped DeVorss and the people behind the books, define and understand our mission and purpose for providing this material."

Gary Peattie
Vice President, DeVorss & Company

"Your marketing plan, and the discussion of it, showed me how clearly you had grasped the potential of my business. I felt validated and empowered by your enthusiastic support for my business. For the first time I understood the vital role of marketing for a service business. You demonstrated, in bold and confident strokes, how to bring my service to the real-life market place. Your systemic approach to public relations and marketing brought to my business a level of clarity and purpose, which had been lacking. Thank you."

Peter Oldfield
President, Transformative Environments

"John Raatz is a public relations professional who is not driven by money, although his rates are standard for the industry. If he believes in what you are doing, he will craft a way to get you started in the right direction once mutual clarity is established. Our consultations have been enormously productive."

George Tompkins
President, Bio-Energy Research Foundation -
Research Into The Phenomenon Of Kundalini

"As we're working together on a project, John has the true gift of being able to see the big picture as a puzzle. He's able to see each piece of the puzzle and guide me in taking decisive steps that put all the pieces together to form a strong and cohesive presentation. I'm very grateful for John's clear vision. It's a wonderful blend of honesty, clarity and sincerity mixed with years of experience."

Carl Studna
President, Carl Studna Photography

"4AD has worked with John Raatz and The Visioneering Group for over five years on several albums by Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard and other 4AD artists. Since we have been working with John, the sales base of these artists has grown consistently, and I am confident that a significant proportion of this growth can be attributed to the specialist work undertaken by The Visioneering Group. It is also important that the new audience is mainly in areas that conventional record marketing does not reach."

Robin Hurley, General Manger, 4AD USA

"John Raatz of The Visioneering Group has brought a real visionary sense of our company's mission to their PR work for us. Not only have they completely understood what we are about, they have unfailingly gone the extra mile for us. I highly recommend their services."

Paul O'Brien
CEO, Visionary Networks, Inc.

"As the owner of a public relations firm, if I needed to hire a publicist to promote my company, the only one I would trust completely is John Raatz and The Visioneering Group. Primarily, it is John's integrity, literacy and sophistication -- both technologically and culturally -- that I value. He is one in a million."

David Langer
President, The Langers and Company

"I am bombarded by publicists submitting authors to be interviewed on my show. I know that when I hear from John Raatz, the quality of the guest and all the support materials will be Grade "A". His clients are always intelligent, compelling and significant contributors to society. He can book my show anytime!"

David Stuart
Co-Host, "Connecting Point" Talk Radio

"Working with John on several projects, I've been repeatedly impressed by his quick, profound grasp of the essence of a client's project or message, and the seemingly inexhaustible flood of creative ideas he comes up with to bring the project to life. I'm proud to be connected to the positive people and life-supporting projects he attracts and accepts."

Jack Forem
Author, Editor, Ghostwriter

"One of the most professional and knowledgeable PR consultants on the West Coast. It's obvious John loves his work and loves to promote people he believes in. His patient, responsible and committed to excellence attitude makes it a joy to work with him. He has provided me with numerous marketing and publicity strategies that have helped my business become more successful."

G. Stuart Cook
CEO, Skyward Aviation

"I have known and worked with John Raatz of The Visioneering Group for more than fifteen years and find him always to be a refreshing change from all others in the stale, stagnant and shallow business world of PR and marketing. He listens to you carefully and deeply to understand your perspective and vision, and then steers you in a productive and positive direction with very insightful and practical advice. He attends to the heart and soul of any project with his undivided attention and complete commitment. He is a guiding force in the development of my business."

Ted Gerdes, Esq.
President, Gerdes & Associates

"Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with John Raatz of The Visioneering Group on behalf of the New Age special interest group within AFIM (the association for independent music). It was a unique and valuable experience. Our objective was to broaden the understanding of New Age music in the marketplace and make it accessible to a larger audience. John's philosophy and practical approach to marketing and publicity made him the perfect consultant for our project. He took us through a very thought-provoking process even before the first meeting took place that helped to focus us in the most productive direction. For the client who "walks his/her talk" in the New Consciousness arena, The Visioneering Group is the right marketing company."

Erin Johnson, Sales Director, NAPRA ReView

“They really live up to their name… Visioneering. Their creative vision for the “A Gift of Love” campaign was innovative, unique and sophisticated. Furthermore, it was professionally implemented and well received. Some of the coverage we got was among the very best possible in U.S. media including a full-page feature story in Newsweek magazine.”

Donna D’Cruz, President, AMI/raSa Records

“John’s a rare person. He’s able to combine deep spirituality with a strong sense of purpose and practicality. The result is that he’s able to understand and resonate with big ideas, while having the ability to communicate them simply and meaningfully to a wide audience.”

Don & Paige Marrs, Barrington Sky Communications

“John Raatz and The Visioneering Group have worked closely with the Inner Directions staff, to insure that our publications reach important industry contacts at the best possible time. The service that The Visioneering Group provides to us is invaluable. The clear understanding of our products, and how to market them, directly result in increased sales and market recognition.”

Matthew Greenblatt, President
InnerDirections Publishing

“I wish I had known John Raatz and The Visioneering Group at the beginning of 1998, when I first brought out my book, Waking Down: Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas. When we did link up with Visioneering nine months later, they helped me understand that to get taken seriously these days in the marketplace, you have to have entrée to the people who control access to it: especially in the media.

John and his staff started out with a basic recognition that my work is really worth people’s noticing, and thus worthy of vigorous promotion. They were realistic about the likely results of our first campaign with them and they didn’t promise miracles, and we haven’t had any. But their diligent efforts are securing us somewhere around fifteen positive reviews in the first half of 1999 that we would not otherwise have gotten on a year-old book. They’ve made about a hundred editors and reviewers aware of my work in a very favorable light. They’ve greatly helped pave the way for whatever we may be able to achieve in future marketing and promotional efforts. So, I feel the money we paid to them is as good as any I’ve spent, and a lot better than most, in our attempts to bring our good work into the world.

Saniel Bonder, Author
Waking Down, The Conscious Principle and While Jesus Weeps
Founder/President, Mt. Tam Awakenings

“I’ve known and worked with John Raatz for many, many years. He’s a cleaver strategist… an indefatigable idea machine!”

Hazel Payne, Musician
Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist
A Taste of Honey

“John Raatz embodies a genuine spirit of caring matched with an encyclopedic grasp of the meta-structure of marketing. John generously gave us valuable input and feedback in developing our ongoing business plan and strategy even before our contract was signed. I have no doubt as to why he is prized by many as a foremost consultant in the field of new paradigm win-win business strategy.”

Michael Stillwater, co-founder
Companion Arts

“John Raatz is quite simply one of the most extraordinary businessmen I have been graced to work with. Principled, savvy and fervently creative – Raatz guides one through the world of modern media and promotion with the clarity of a sage. He has revolutionized the way my organization thinks about itself and its place in mainstream culture. A priceless contribution, far exceeding the work for which we initially hired him. I recommend him unequivocally to any organization or project in need of a high-octane injection of self-confidence and promotional power.”

Jeff Forrester
Manager, Worldwide Mission of Adidam

John Raatz and The Visioneering group have changed my life and that of my organization! In working with John I feel that I am receiving a dynamic training in marketing and public relations. His marketing strategy and thought processes are compelling. He communicates his radical marketing perspective in a way that is highly articulate, accessible and authoritative. In working with my organization, he has shown himself to be uniquely flexible and completely in tune with our concerns and promotional objectives. He has communicated to us radical perceptions that he has had about our organization’s needs that have had far-reaching, in-depth, benign and healing consequences. By some kind of osmotic process I feel his strengths are rubbing off on my colleagues and me! I heartily recommend him to anyone wanting to fix short term or long standing organizational problems. John offers marketing and PR solutions that can lift your organization to a new and higher level of operating. Whatever battles you may be fighting, John will put you on the winning side.

Simon Pritchard
Manager, Worldwide Mission of Adidam

“In a world filled with empty promises, John Raatz delivers high caliber strategic marketing guidance with vision, intuition and an enormous amount of heart.”

Gary Malkin
Composer, Producer
Malkin Music Group

“John Raatz and The Visioneering Group did an excellent job of promoting my book, The Alphabet Versus The Goddess. They brought my book to the attention of many reviewers who might not otherwise have known of it and generated numerous positive reviews that greatly increased the book’s exposure, thereby helping to make it to the national Best-Seller lists. I am grateful for, and applaud their work.”

Leonard Shlain, Author
The Alphabet Versus The Goddess
Art and Physics

“On reading the press kit material again after a few weeks, I continue to appreciate your skill in so artfully manipulating the concepts and information into interesting phrases and approaches. Just want you to know how much we appreciate your work....”

Dudley Evenson, President
Soundings of the Planet

“Over the last year and a half, John Raatz has been a priceless asset to my professional and creative career. Besides counseling me with invaluable and informed ideas in the areas of the music business and music promotion, John has directed my career with clarity and vision unlike any other advisor in my 10 years in the music business. He continues to be a friend and confidante, and continues to lead me on all issues concerning my career. He is constantly reminding me of what our goals are (not just MY goals) and skillfully guiding every aspect of my projects in the right directions.”

Mike Randle
My Music Loves You

“As the owner of a public relations firm, if I needed to hire a publicist, to promote my company, the only person I know who could handle the job to my standards is John Raatz. His style is exquisite. His capabilities are what every publicist should aspire to. He is one of the truly great and unique minds in public relations and promotion today.”

Arielle Ford
President, The Ford Group (Public Relations)

“Working with John Raatz and the Visioneering group is business as we wish it would be--conscious, reliable, visionary and empowering. I especially appreciate just how wonderful John is at holding the parameters of his medium and innovating beyond them – he is always full of splendid, fresh ideas and strategies!”

Elia Wise, Author
Letter To Earth

In addition to the preceding, we have also served many other clients including the following…

Mata Amritanandamayi (Spiritual Master)
Aveda U.S. Environmental Film Festival, Olivia Newton John, Chevy Chase & Ted Danson
Anne Baring, The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time (book)
Heidi Berry, Miracle (CD)
Berrett-Koehler, EcoManagement and The Fourth Wave (books)
Kim Chernin, In My Father’s Garden, A Daughter’s Search for a Spiritual Life (book)
Deepak Chopra
The City Planet (magazine)
Donovan, Sutras (CD)
EAS, The Turning Point (audio tapes) Fritjof Capra
Elmwood Institute, Fritjof Capra
Dr. Gerald Epstein, Healing Into Immortality (book)
Father Bede Griffiths, A Human Search (video)
Lisa Gerrard, The Mirror Pool and Duality (CDs)
Harper San Francisco (publisher)
Chintamani Records, Roger Kelleway, Soaring (CD)
Dr. Vasant Lad, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies (book)
George Land/Leadership 2000, Breakpoint and Beyond (book)
Kenny Loggins, Outside From The Redwoods (CD & video)
M2K Productions, RASPAD (film)
Milan Records, The Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos (CDs & video)
Mindfield (magazine)
MPI Home Video (video company)
National Audubon Society, This Island Earth (video) Hosted by Kenny Loggins
John Petersen, The Road To 2015 (book)
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Evolutions End (book)
Paramount Pictures Home Video (video company)
Daniel Quinn, Ishmael (book)
Kali Ray, Tri•Yoga (video)
Adam Rudolph, The Dreamer (CD)
Dr. Brian Rees, Heal Yourself, Heal The World (book)
Brian Swimme, The Universe Story (book)
Shree Maa (Spiritual Master)
Triton Pictures, A Brief History of Time (film)
Bill Witherspoon (Visionary Artist)
Warner Bros. Records, Madonna, Ray of Light (CD)
Whalen & Co. (corporate event)
Yoga Journal (magazine) Press conference with Chyna Phillips and Baron Baptiste


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