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Words of Praise for The Visioneering Group

Nothing indicates success better than satisfied clients. We feel blessed to have worked with some of the most extraordinary people in the world ... people whose vision and creations are mapping humanity's road to the future.

In Appreciation

“I moved to California in 1979. Actor Ned Beatty was one of my first public relations clients. Thank you, Ned, for believing in me and giving me a start in a field that was difficult to enter without credentials and experience."

John Raatz

“John Raatz is working for me in the area of public relations and promotion, both in my professional career and in other projects in which we both share an interest. I find him a good fellow of fine character and enlightened habits.”

Ned Beatty
Actor, April 1979

Here is what some of them have said about us.

"The Visioneering Group dynamically combines ample creativity, with pragmatic focus, and unwavering professionalism. We received the results that were promised to us."

Danielle LaPorte
Global Brain, Inc.

"John has worked for me since 1991, placing articles, getting my books reviewed in major magazines and newspapers, and finding speaking engagements for me. John's enthusiasm is immediately apparent. The creativity he brings to each job he undertakes is out-of-this-world. Having worked with 'ordinary' public relations professionals in the publishing world and having hired public relations firms to promote my work -- I can say that John Raatz is the most creative person in the field that I know of. But best of all, he is a person whose inner desire to make the world a better place is matched with this work that he does. This combination of features makes him a responsible worker -- and a delight to know."

Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D., Psychologist,
Author of Pulitzer Prize-nominated
When Technology Wounds

"I am certain that I owe the success of my most recent book to your outstanding intelligence and dedication. The quality of Visioneering's work exceeds that of any public relations firm I have known."

Chellis Glendinning, Eco-Psychologist,
Author, My Name Is Chellis & I'm In Recovery From Western Civilization

"Visioneering's publicity campaign for Mindwalk was extremely successful. I believe there are two reasons for this success: 1) John's unique knowledge of the media and wide contacts both in activist and business communities; 2) his great ability to link the film with the concerns of the disparate communities he addressed as well as with the many other ideas and activities promoted by its authors and distributors. It was a great experience for me to witness this "systemic" approach to marketing. Since then, John has been working as a marketing consultant for the Elmwood Institute's EcoMgmt. Program, and, more recently, has been hired by publisher Berrett-Koehler to promote the Program's principle publication, the book EcoManagement. To work with John is to witness a never-ending flow of ideas and creativity. I recommend him warmly and look forward to a long continuation of our collaboration."

Fritjof Capra, Physicist, Author,
The Tao of Physics, The Turning Point

"John is never short of exciting and original ideas for attracting people's attention. I also value the way that John follows through on projects. He does not let a lead drop over time, but keeps on pushing, firmly, but politely. Perhaps I can best sum up my feelings by saying that I will continue to use Visioneering's services whenever the opportunity arises."

Peter Russell, Futurist, Physicist, Author, The White Hole in Time

"John's help has been priceless. His work is enduring and comprehensive. His enthusiasm is matched by none, his creativity world-class, and his professionalism always present. I believe, however, that John's most valuable asset is his integrity. In publishing our national business magazine, we are daily beset by 'PR flacks' trying to get us to place stories about the companies and individuals they represent. John is not in that category. In fact, we have come to consider John as a reliable source for story ideas and potential books to review. I always return his calls -- because he represents substance. I highly recommend John Raatz (as in fact I often do). In my experience, and as his tagline says, he truly has the ability to link spirit, vision and values with communication to promote a positive future."

Miriam Kniaz, Founding Partner
Business Ethics Magazine

"For the past 3 1/2 years, while serving us in a capacity of public relations and media consultant, advisor and friend, you have significantly helped us to clarify our vision, focus our direction and communicate our message. Visioneering is truly an example of leadership in an emerging, and greatly needed trend of conscious and socially responsible business. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to any individual or company who needs to develop new visions, define a marketing direction and plan of action and who is seeking to 'get the word out'."

Dean Greenberg
The Progress Agency

"John made a significant contribution to the theatrical success of both Mindwalk and A Brief History of Time. He brought us his unparalleled expertise and contacts and achieved amazing coverage in reviews and feature stories in publications that ordinarily give little or no attention to films. He came up with interesting and innovative marketing ideas, such as offering a Save The Planet software program as a premium to support a direct mail campaign for Mindwalk. John is very capable, committed and enthusiastic. He has been an asset to each project we have done with him. He has our highest recommendation."

Jeff Ivers, Executive Vice President
Triton Pictures

"I'm convinced Visioneering was able to open markets for Baraka that would never have been reached through the conventional channels. It was a real pleasure for me working with them. Your enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism are a rare combination."

Mark Magidson, Producer
Magidson Films

"During the Evolutions End (Joseph Chilton Pearce) campaign, Visioneering did the job they were hired to do, and much more! They are hard working, responsible, trustworthy, and generous with their time and work. We, at Harper, are truly grateful for the work they have done."

Leslie Rossman

"Visioneering's efforts made a huge difference. The contacts and exposure have been invaluable. Visioneering is more than a public relations firm; they are powerful and brilliant networkers. Their ideas and help in creating new collaborations have been invaluable."

Sally Fisher, Speaker, Activist
Author, Life Mastery

"Visioneering has shown dynamic, solid expertise, from initiation to follow-through, in all of the projects we have worked on together."

Robert Venosa, Visionary Artist

"The Visioneering Group demonstrates exceptional talent in the areas of personal communication, strategic planning, public relations and overall marketing. Outstanding work."

Larry Payne, President, Samata Yoga Garden
Healthy Back, Healthy Mind Inst.

"Thank you for your guidance and support in getting my business off the ground. You were immediately able to ferret out the incongruities and weaknesses, make the simple adjustments needed to dismiss the problem and then turn the weakness into a strength. It is quite a process to witness."

Dr. Frank Kinslow

"Visioneering defines the way 21st Century public relations should operate."

Jeff Hutner
New Paradigm Digest, Chintamani Music

"John has helped me focus, save money, cut staff, and refine product and direction. Your advice has been the sustaining element in a sea of chaotic change. I must credit you with a good deal of our purposeful effort and steady success at this point."

Twyla Dell, President, The Foresight Institute

"We needed an exceptionally skillful, knowledgeable and energetic company to generate enthusiasm and exposure for Baraka. Visioneering was all of these and more."

Ron Fricke, Director, Cinematographer

"Our personal thanks to Visioneering for their contribution to the Parliament, without which our jobs would have been much more difficult, if not impossible."

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

"You are a true professional - both in your dealings with me as well as the integrity you demonstrate in the projects you take on. I really appreciate the fact that you feel an alignment with your clients and don't compromise your values. I wish you continued success and heartily endorse your work."

John Renesch
Publisher, The New Leaders

"The Visioneering Group are well organized with excellent follow-through, and the company is always very realistic with its objectives and expectations. The results are well worth the investment, and the reports are always thorough and accurate. My record company, 4AD, will continue to use The Visioneering Group, and I highly recommend the company to anyone who wishes to market and promote to the metaphysical industry."

Robin Hurley, C.E.O., 4AD
Dead Can Dance

"As always, the work you did for me on the launch of my latest book, The Global Brain Awakens, was a most thorough job in contacting all the appropriate people to create a very good number of placements for extracts, interviews and reviews of the book. It is so good to be able to work with someone who not only has a very strong base of professional contacts in our area, but also a deep personal interest in the field. I look forward to continuing to work with you on future projects."

Peter Russell
Author, The Global Brain Awakens

"In consulting with me about my business and future directions, John Raatz of The Visioneering Group has been very helpful in getting me to relate my day-to-day activities with my long-term visions -- and vise versa. Instead of plunging into a flurry of activity, he has taken the time to really help me clarify exactly where I want to go. In this regard, he has helped me sort out my own ideas and priorities. His suggestions for my business direction were creative and practical. John's imagination, insight and perceptiveness, make him a valuable player in any endeavor."

Steve Bhaerman a.k.a.
Swami Beyondananda

"I knew from the beginning that John understood the very essence and core of who I am, and of what I am trying to manifest in our world. He began to advise and guide me even before we had 'signed the deal.' His enthusiasm for The Sacred Hub and his faith in its message came first. The deal came second. John then embellished his enthusiasm with impeccable skill: keen insights, revelatory suggestions, and gorgeous writing. Oh yes, concrete results began to appear from the first day, and continue to appear with inscrutable regularity."

Robert Rabbin
Author, The Sacred Hub

"As the producer of the film, Ecological Design: Inventing The Future, I found the public relations work of The Visioneering Group and John Raatz in particular, to be of the highest caliber. Not only is he knowledgeable in his own field, but John also has the ability to boundary span and find new connections amongst diverse subject matters."

Chris Zelov, Producer
The Knossus Project

"John is well connected, imaginative and communicative. What sets him apart, however, is the deep and personal enthusiasm that he brings to his work. John genuinely enjoys the challenges of his work and invests himself to a level which is most rare."

Will Ackerman, C.E.O.
Imaginary Road Records

"John always demonstrates creativity and innovation with his ideas seeing possibilities where I saw none. His approach combines a sense of vision with a practical down to earth perspective. He genuinely cares and shows concern beyond just being in business, which I have come to really appreciate. His company successfully solicited reviews for my national CD release of The Music of Yosemite. He also provided me with career development advise which greatly helped me to navigate the complex waters of a career in music. John is a person who delivers on what he promises. I highly recommend him as a person to assist those who seek placement and success for their vision."

Rick Erlien, Recording Artist
The Music of Yosemite

"John is consulting with me and my colleagues to promote the new online Global Suggestion Box, a project to create a planetwide forum for all people's creative proposals for a better world. John arranged for his client, noted transformational author Peter Russell, to represent me at, and address the London awards ceremony of the International Social Inventions Competition, when the Global Suggestion Box won that prize. John's integrity and creativity, and excellent connections with some of the world's most committed, inspiring people and groups, make him and Visioneering an excellent resource for any company, organization or creative individual with something "good" to sell."

Gregory Wright, President
Wright Thinking

"I have known John Raatz of The Visioneering Group since 1990. John continues to be a guest speaker at my UCLA courses: Elements of Publicity and Publicity: The Working Essentials. He is effective, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring. My students, all of whom are adults, single him out every time as one of my best speakers. I also work with him regularly as an independent PR writer and find that John brings those same qualities to the service of his clients. He is bright, articulate, and visionary, in the best sense of that term. He has a comprehensive, current and forward-thinking view of the public relations field. He is worth listening to and has much to offer, especially to those individuals and companies who make and wish to make a difference in the community, the country and the world."

Rolf Gompertz, President
Rolf Gompertz Communications

"John has advised me on the marketing of my book, Awakening Earth, and I have worked with him in developing a speaker's presentation package. Based on this first -hand experience, and given his unique combination of creativity, hard work, follow-through and concern for the future, I am delighted to be able to whole-heartedly recommend his services."

Duane Elgin, Author
Voluntary Simplicity, Awakening Earth

"I am writing to thank you for the fine job you did advertising and marketing our book India on $1000 a Day. The campaign your firm completed was a true success. Your knowledgeable, professional, and experienced approach was very satisfying. The lines of communication between us were always open, and I feel that not only did we establish a good working relationship for future projects but a trusting friendship as well."

Charles Balter, Author
Stillpoint Press Ltd.

"It has been my pleasure to be associated with John on two projects. One was the promotion of a major film, Mindwalk, while I was at Harvard University, and the other ongoing project is the promotion of my most recent books, The Book of Pithies, Volumes I and II. John is far more than just a businessperson willing to accept and promote indiscriminately any project. Because he selects carefully only projects to which he can relate personally, once engaged, he becomes a creative, resourceful and tireless ally. Steams of ideas flow from him spontaneously. These then are developed and followed through tenaciously. He is honorable, responsive and gets results. I recommend him highly."

Joe Simonetta, Author, Activist

“Having been a manager in the music business for more than ten years, I was delighted to be introduced to John Raatz and The Visioneering Group. His honesty, integrity and enlightened way of integrating spiritual and business practices have been nothing short of inspiring to me. I hope to work with John and The Visioneering Group many more times in the future.”

Bennett Freed, One Love Management
(Manager of Donovan)

"I can't thank you enough for your help in connecting us with the Compuclassics computer software company. Your ideas about joining business pursuits with real action for our forest ecosystems are beginning to take hold. Since you first suggested the idea, they have placed hard hitting information in their catalog which goes to over 100,000 individuals, in their mail order packing sheets, and in a beautiful spot in PC Magazine which reaches 695,000 readers. Plus, they are on a solid program to recycle, and to use recycled materials in their business. I was also impressed with your work in promoting the film Mindwalk. Washingtonians work a lot, and I think it was a great achievement for you to fill the auditorium at the Smithsonian Institution with such leaders as Dr. Thomas Lovejoy and Senator Albert Gore. I hope we can work together again."

Mark Winstein, Co-Director
Save America's Forests

"Thank you for the fine work you have done this year on behalf of the Art of Living Foundation. The combination of your extensive network and your intuitive grasp of our aims and goals contributed greatly to the success of our program in southern California. I have found your resources and creative approach to be unique in the field of public relations, and I am pleased to act as a reference for your work at any time in the future. I look forward to more work together in the months ahead."

John Osborne, Chairman
Art of Living Foundation

"You (John) have accommodated our do-it-yourself ethic by consistently giving impromptu phone consultations, broadening our home-grown marketing strategies for Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence. Your style alone has provided a model of informed enthusiasm, for something as intangible as the new paradigm. These contacts alone have left me enthused -- and smarter. Thank you. You are providing an important service."

Vicki Robin, Author, Executive Director
The New Road Map Foundation

“Over the years, I have observed, interacted and sought guidance from John Raatz and I'm continuously amazed at not only his exceptional skills, but also, where he applies them... from the promoting of books, magazines, music and conferences - to films, video and television. The primary reason for his success is his integrity! His sparkling creativity, undaunted commitment, insight and foresight, strategic planning and marketing abilities, plus, his awesome network, make John a man without peers in the PR world. I am honored to call him friend.”

Claudine Schneider, former U.S. Congresswoman, Chairman, Renew America

“I want to thank you for your role in bringing about the imminent publication of the second edition of The Sacred Hub. The results of your work - including securing distribution and placing numerous book reviews as well as the interview in The World Times - helped persuade The Crossing Press that the book will do very well in general release. I also appreciated your participation in the book contract negotiations, which resulted in my retaining the rights to audiotape reproduction. I look forward to our continued partnership in promoting this new edition, as well as the audio tape version, the columns, and my second book.”

Robert Rabbin, author, The Sacred Hub

“It has been a complete delight to work over the last eight months with John Raatz of The Visioneering Group. John has helped both myself and a book I wrote/published, Women of Power and Grace, to attain much greater recognition in the Spiritual and New Age marketplace. John is well connected to this entire 'alternative/spiritual community' in ways that most publicists for authors and publishers are not. Moreover, John brings numerous splendid qualities to his work and his relationship with the client, such as great intelligence, diligence, sensitivity, kindness, cheerfulness, honesty and integrity. He “walks the talk.”

Significantly and predictably, John enjoys a quite positive reputation among the various radio and TV talk show hosts, in contrast to many other publicists, who do not seem to be as highly esteemed. (I have heard a number of them spontaneously comment to me what a joy it was to relate to John.)

I look forward to working further with John over the years on this and other projects and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to help make a difference on the planet. He's a superb 'teammate'.”

Timothy Conway, author/publisher
Women of Power and Grace
The Wake Up Press

"I am writing this letter in recommendation of John Raatz, whose services in publicizing my recent book Sex Death Enlightenment were effective beyond my most optimistic expectations. With almost no advance notice whatever, John was able to do in ten days what the corporate publicist at my publishing house, G.P. Putnam's Sons could not accomplish in two months; namely, to arrange radio interviews and print interest in the spiritual marketplace inaccessible to the run-of-the-mill promotion department. From the start, I was extremely impressed by John's perseverance, meticulous attention to detail, and unsurpassed access to this booming but elusive market.
More than that, unlike many other for-hire publicists I'd interviewed, John brought a heartfelt enthusiasm and devotion to the job which undoubtedly helped him in enticing the media regarding the book. His highly creative approach to publicity and marketing is rare; rarer still is someone who has a vision not only for the artist's present work, but also for future works and the arc of one's career as a whole. These qualities coupled with reliability and a warm nature made working with John Raatz a delight from start to finish. I intend to hire him again to publicize the paperback edition of my book in the spring of 1997."

Mark Matousek, Author
Sex Death Enlightenment
(June 2000: Mark hired us again to help with the promotion of his latest book, The Boy He Left Behind.)

"Integrity is the word I most like to use to describe John Raatz of The Visioneering Group. Yes, he is creative, connected, and organized, but I was most impressed with his dedication, his honesty and his integrity. In today's world those are valuable assets for a professional organization to have and very rare to find. I could relax and trust John to handle the publicity for Acacia Publishing Corporation. I would not hesitate to trust John with my bank account. That is what I mean by integrity. He "walks his talk" in beauty, honesty and harmony."

Alanna Tarkington, Publisher
Acacia Publishing Corporation

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