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The Visioneering Group operates from the premise that only a new and compelling vision of Reality can transform our relationship with the Earth and all that live upon it.

We believe that the global crises we currently face result from a limited scientifically outdated worldview that still dominates human perception.

We therefore conclude that the rapid and radical changes required of us all at this hinge point in history may in some part be facilitated by a fundamental shift in our system of values and philosophy of life -- made possible by the growing understanding of higher principles basic to both ancient mysticism and modern science.

Our commitment, therefore, is to serve as a bridge and an amplifier for inspired works reflecting a broader perspective and essential insights -- so that they may more readily reach the growing audiences that they were created to inform and empower.

For ultimately, we believe, the key to unlocking our evolutionary potential rests in working together to awaken and encourage every person's unique vision and voice.


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