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Price Tag

Money ... whoa! Lots of people are craaazy about money. (Not thee or we, of course!)

Like everything else in our business association, the money has to work for all of us in order to make the relationship viable. "Money should never be separated from mission" is one of our operating principles. Clearly, money is a medium that lets each of us support each other's missions.

First, our rates are highly competitive with others' in the marketplace. Then, within the guidelines of workability, we do our best to be as flexible about compensation as possible.

We prefer to work on a "project fee" basis believing that your cost is more easily controlled that way. However, on occasion we will bill hourly or work on a monthly retainer. We even consider some "PR for Equity" opportunities.

Of course, the cost of a program will vary with the depth and breadth of it. To help us begin to get an idea of what might be involved in working with you, please complete the brief form below and click the "Submit" button. We will email you back a detailed questionnaire, which will help us begin to think about your needs.

Thanks for being willing to confront ... THE MONEY issue! Now, we look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to complete the Brief Questionnaire on the "Let's Talk Further" page.


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