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The challenge to be heard over the din of the marketplace is daunting. Yet the need to infuse transforming ideas into the lifeblood of the culture at this critical juncture in world history is more urgent now than ever before.

In 1988, The Visioneering Group™ (TVG) was formed for the express purpose of rapidly introducing wide audiences to innovative concepts and projects from individuals and companies on the leading edge of change -- who share a revolutionary understanding of the underlying sources of and practical solutions to our contemporary crises.

A multi-faceted public relations firm, The Visioneering Group designs and fulfills domestic and international communications and marketing campaigns. Since our inception, we have represented some of the most preeminent figures in new physics, eco-psychology, brain/mind research, visionary business, and spirituality. Our clients include scientists, futurists, environmentalists, psychologists, educators, business leaders, inventors, filmmakers, publishers, authors, artists, mystics, and healers.

Regardless of their particular areas of expertise, TVG clients all share in common the ecological perspective that conceives of the universe as one interconnected and interdependent web of life. Through their books, events, presentations, videos/films, music, and other products, each of our clients is dedicated to helping elevate the level of public awareness and discussion so that we may quickly and collectively move human life back into harmonious alignment with the life of the planet.

At The Visioneering Group, we represent only those projects to which we can give our whole-hearted support. Our communications programs and materials are therefore created not merely as superficial announcements or enticements for the media -- but as authentic, well-considered and persuasive endorsements of new and important contributions to the culture. Our aim is to provide both an overview and a distillation of our clients' ideas -- and then to place them within the larger context of the growing dialogue that is helping to shape a new vision of Reality.

We work with both mainstream and transformational media and are expert at reaching the rapidly expanding "alternative" market that remains virtually untapped by traditional public relations firms. Our integrated marketing and communications strategies and creative promotional campaigns are designed to help assure the greatest possible circulation for our clients' works -- both in the near term and over time; for we are dedicated to assisting our clients to fulfill their visions and thus to make a meaningful difference in the world.


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