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Media Are From Mars, Marketers Are From Venus

Whatever you're selling, you have to communicate it to your market. The challenge is languaging and graphic representation.

At this extraordinary time, languages are being spoken and symbols used that have nothing to do with national borders. They're languages of vision, intent, purpose and values -- languages that you probably speak both personally and professionally.

While there are individuals in every audience who speak these languages, many more do not. The mass editorial media, in particular, are tuned to various conventions, guidelines and frames of reference. And now the online media community has its own emergent language and style! If you want them to understand your story and publish or broadcast it, their language must be spoken.

Advertising, direct mail, infomercials, publicity -- whatever the medium.... To succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace, it's more crucial than ever that your marketing message fit the audience you're targeting. The right creative team of writer, designer and, perhaps, broadcast producer -- people who understand both you and your audience -- is the answer.

That's why we created Visioneering OTC* (*Only The Creative). For more than a decade, The Visioneering Group, has provided complete public relations and marketing services to authors, music, films and other products and projects that serve the shift in perspective and values unfolding now worldwide.

Sometimes, though, you don't need a whole PR or marketing campaign -- Only The Creative. Concept, copy and design ... professionally crafted to captivate your audience. Ready for placement in traditional media ... or on the Web. Of course, should you need strategy and implementation, The Visioneering Group is happy to oblige.

So whether you're looking for corporate identity, or materials for your publicity or advertising efforts, our OTC* team is tuned in. Call us for a free consultation on how we might help you more effectively talk your walk.

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